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MeanStreak Industries


MeanStreak Industries is a Hamilton founded and based custom design company that promotes and supports Martial Artists, Martial Art schools, and all organized sporting events.

Our purpose is to supply and support the community by endorsing and sponsoring the development of amateur and professional athletes who concentrate their goals on good sportsmanship, safety,and respect for their neighbour (be it friend or rival).

Company Overview

As with all things, the only constant is change. MeanStreak Industries emerged with a vision of being able to provide the best clothing line to the masses.

It’s been a couple years and the company’s still standing strong.

MeanStreak Industries still provides top clothing to it’s customers but we also evolved into more of a custom graphic design company. We even changed the name from MeanStreak Industries – Combat Apparel, to MeanStreak Industries – Custom Designs. Providing more than just shirts and hoodies, we provide our clients with designs catered to their specific style.

We changed the name form MeanStreak Industries – Combat Apparel, to MeanStreak Industries – Custom Designs.

Our familiarity with various events, tournaments and competitions allow us to understand the feeling and vibe you wish to express.

To individual fighters and coaches looking to break into the market of recognition and exposure or those looking for a different look, MeanStreak Industries designs custom logos, themes and complete layouts.

The people at MeanStreak Industries have a large knowledge base of the martial arts and combative world, from their roots and their current trends. We utilize every resource necessary to offer more than just a flashy design.

We try hard to set a standard to make sure designs for our clients have staying power, a piece that in 5, 10, 20 years will still be a banner held with high regard and recognized immediately.

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