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She Jitsu

“She-Jitsu is raising the bar with empowering women for life.  Teaching women mental, physical, and psychological self-defense”

Womens Classes At Redline Academy

The friendly staff at Redline Academy openly welcomes women and invites all to learn REAL techniques that will not only benefit them physically, but also provide them very effective and real ways to actively defend themselves in a professional environment.  One reason Jujitsu is so popular is it provides the practitioner the means to remove the advantage of size from their opponent. Women usually face size and strength issues when attacked by men. We will teach you leveraging techniques that require little strength and can move an opponent much larger than you are. This principal is further based on the fact that bones need an equal amount of pressure to break, whether for a child or a body builder. By learning and utilizing our techniques you will discover that knowledge of the art of Jujitsu far out weights physical strength, and you will understand why this method is one of the most effective means of personal defense.

 Additionally, a little known fact is that Jujitsu is one of the best martial arts to not only defend against rape attacks, but to destroy the attacker in the process. The reason plainly is: The “positions” required for rape are consequently some of the most offensive positions in Jujitsu, and from these positions enable the practitioner to deliver some of the most popular and devastating submissions. Thus any attacker placing themselves in such a position (like in the form of a rape attack) makes the defense actually easier, since the Jujitsu practitioner did not need to do anything to position their opponent for utter submission. Most of the time the only difference is knowledge of how to apply this very practical approach. Come and visit Redline today and speak with one of our professionals


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