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Head BJJ Instructor MICHAEL JEN

The summer before his freshman year at UC San Diego, Michael Jen enrolled in a self-defense course being taught by Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner Roy Harris. The year was 1991 and Roy Harris, who would become a well know instructor, was a blue belt at the time. After training for over a year in the self-defense course, Michael then began accompanying Roy to the famous Gracie Academy in Torrance, Ca. Michael was promoted to blue belt by Rorion Gracie in 1992. Later, along with his training with Roy Harris, Michael also began taking lessons from Nelson Monteiro, and the Machado brothers.

Michael first met Joe Moreira (8th degree black belt) around 1993. Michael recalls the experience, “I still remember my first class at Joe’s. He taught a sequence of 20+ submissions from the modified scarf hold. I was grinning from ear to ear because, at that time, I had never seen so many techniques from a single position. When it came to the entire art of BJJ, Joe opened my eyes to things I never knew even existed. He was the most giving Brazilian instructor I had ever met.” Michael would later earn his purple and brown belts from Joe.

When Michael was brown belt, Joe Moreira introduced Michael to 4th degree black belt Marco Nascimento. After college, Michael had moved from southern California to northern California. Joe felt that Marco, being in northern California, could help Michael a great deal in his training . Michael trained with both Marco and Joe for the next several years and eventually received his black belt from Joe Moreira in 2001.

Michael, now a 3rd degree blackbelt, has a wealth of experience from training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for almost 20 years. He has designed a system for teaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu designed to help students of all levels students learn the art at an accelerated pace. This unique system of Jiu-jitsu is specifically designed to work for all everyone and every body type. With a strong emphasis on the bio-mechanics and physics behind every technique, Michael has earned a reputation as a top-level instructor. His students have competed and won at some of the largest and most prestigious grappling tournaments in the country.

Before becoming one of the first American Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belts, Michael also earned brown belts in Judo and Japanese Jujitsu. Michael began studying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as a self-defense art. With the recent popularity of Sport BJJ tournaments, Michael is careful to teach his students a core system of techniques that he has identified as applicable to both Sport BJJ and self-defense scenarios.

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